This year, go for these energy efficient LED Christmas lights

- Oct 09, 2018-

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas tree lights? Well, you have lots of options these days, right from traditional lights to smart connected LED lights.

This year, you should go green and energy efficient and opt for LED Christmas lights. With price going down, LED lights now cost about the same per bulb as the incandescent lights. Besides being energy efficient, LED lights run cooler and hence they do not pose any fire hazard. Whether you want to opt for traditional lights or try the latest ones, have a look at the top ten Christmas tree LED lights.
Micro mini LED light set

LED Christmas lights are a popular choice, and this micro mini LED light set from General Electric is measures 24.7 ft and has 100 white LED bulbs.

Price at $31.77, these LED Christmas lights are energy efficient and lasts up to 20,000 hours, making them extremely durable. However, its high price and no blinking settings have received criticism.

White LED Christmas candle lights

These Christmas candle lights by Lights4fun consists of 50, 3 inch, LED candles on a 48 ft string. The candle is attached to a small plastic clip which can be used to attach it to a twig. The warm white LEDs add a touch of magnificence and appeal with absolute protection of your family and home.

Priced at $39.99, these warm LED Christmas candle lights offer elegant candle look and are known for energy efficiency properties. However, they have no flickering effect, and cannot be chained.
Remote controlled Christmas LED lights

This inexpensive set by BOLWEO features a remote that permits you to choose between nine LED lighting modes—turn the string on and off, dim the lights and set the timer.

These LED  lights are shapeable as they use flexible copper wire. This allows you to get more accurate light placement on your tree.Priced at $10.95, this efficient LED Christmas lights offer posable wire and nine lighting modes. However, repeated bending can break the wire and its battery box is not waterproof.
 Solar-powered LED Christmas lights

If you want to power your Christmas lights, then an energy efficient option is to go solar. If your Christmas tree is near a window or outdoor, then you can place a small solar panel in the sun outdoor, and power all Christmas lights with solar power, and what more, you do not have to pay any additional energy cost for your Christmas display lights.

These solar-powered Christmas lights from Leondestay on for almost eight hours. Since they are waterproof, they make brilliant lights for your outdoor Christmas trees. This 72 ft long string has 200 LED bulbs and can cover a large area. The incorporated solar panel can be staked into the floor or mounted to the wall with the incorporated screws.

Price at $15.99, these solar-powered LED lights aregreat for complicated tree placements and offers an entirely different outlook. However, they require access to sunlight when used indoors.
Globe LED Christmas lights

These color-changing globe-shaped LED lights have a single mode that continuously cycles through multiple colors. The globe shape gives the LED lights a muted effect. The motion is extremely comforting and calming, and goes well with the green of a Christmas tree.

Priced at $9.99, these color-changing LED bulbs can be used both indoors and outdoors. However, colors tend to be blue/purple more often than other colors, and some units don’t last long.
Christmas solar string LED lights

These Christmas string lights from Qedertek are a set of LED lights. These lights are also solar-powered, and come with a solar panel. They are set to automatically turn on at night, but it does not have an on/off switch. These LED lights from Qedertek can withstand rough weather as well. It has a string of 200 LED lights, 72 ft long, and costs $15 per string.
Dimmable LED string lights

These 33 ft long dimmable LED string lights from TaoTronics come with an IR remote that enables you to change upto ten different dimness settings. It also offers the options for flashing, strobing, or smooth pulsing patterns. Price at: $18.99, these lights have a warm white-yellow look, and come in a string of 100 LEDs, which are connected by a copper wire.
Multi-color LED globe string lights

These colorful globe LED lights from Innotech are a good option for decoration. Each string has 100 LED lights, which comes with a compact power box with a switch to play with its eight lighting modes. Priced at $17.99, these colorful globes can be used indoors or outdoors.
LED curtain lights

Priced at $39.95, these lights can cover an area of 19.69 X 9.8 ft., and and has 600 LED bulbs, which come in warm white or pure white color. These LED curtain lights can be plugged into a regular AC outlet, and have several light modes.

 Solar-powered LED globe lights

These solar-powered LED globe lights from Cymas Outdoor Globe Lights are frosted bulbs that resemble icy snowballs. Priced at : $14.59, these come in 20 ft long rope of lights with just 30 LEDs, and are larger than the tiny LEDs. The internal battery can store enough energy during the day to stay on for about 10 hours at night.