The Properties of LED Dimmable Driver

- Sep 10, 2018-

The market decides requirement, with the rapid development of society, LED industry is flourishing, and the requirements of LED dimmable driver are increasing. Shenzhen OTTIMA which was established in 2005 remains dedicated to continuously developing and producing LED dimmable drivers and controllers. The technologies of LED dimmable driver studied for more than 10 years, constantly summed up experience in all aspects on the basis of also becoming more and more mature. The technical indicators and properties of LED driver become more and more perfect. However, it is strange for LED buyers whose mayor is not researching LED to buy the correct LED driver. They don’t know anything about LED dimmable driver, which results in LED driver, controller and LED light do not match each other. Now, let’s introduce several important properties of LED dimmable driver.

The first point is the level of protection. Ensure that the environment is installed correctly with the requested level of protection. If the LED street lamps install at high altitude, we should choose waterproof dimmable driver. The second point is LED driver’s efficiency. LED is energy saving products. LED has very high demands for led driver’s efficiency: Lower dissipation, higher efficiency and lower raised temperature. Moreover, temperature affects the lifespan of LED driver. When the temperature raises 10℃,the lifespan of LED driver shorten in half. The efficiency calculates by percentage. The percentage is larger, the LED driver is better. For example, Shenzhen OTTIMAS’ 0-10V dimmable driver OTM-PD12W12, the efficiency is 92%, which truly realizes green energy saving. The third point is power factor. As we all know, what power grip wants for load is power factor. In order to improve the cost-effectiveness, power supply department demands users to improve power factor. Meanwhile, it is better for users to reduce the power dissipation. The fourth point is protection function. The protection function of LED dimmable driver is overload protection, over voltage protection, over temperature protection, short circuit protection, etc. Some products haven’t function protection in the market. However, OTTIMA’ products adopt multiple functions according to different kinds of LED driver or customers’ requirement. The fifth point is compatibility. You want to choose the correct LED dimmable drivers, so you must know the compatibility and types. OTTIMAS’ dimmable drivers and dimmers divide into constant current and constant voltage. You can choose the correct LED dimmable drivers and dimmers according to your lamps. For example, you can choose constant current drivers for constant current lamps, constant voltage drivers for constant voltage lamps. OTTIMA owns DALI,0-10V/1-10V, DMX, Triac series which are compatibles with system of Lutron, Dynalite, Clipsal, LDS, ABB, Schneider, Leviton, JUNG, Berker, Be Lichtregler,etc.