The Present & Future of DALI Dimmable Driver

- Sep 13, 2018-

About the present and future of DALI dimmable driver, we believe that many manufacturers want to know as well as buyers often discuss this problem. Now, let’s tell you how to choose good quality of DALI dimmable driver.  At first, you should find a good manufacturer of LED driver.

DALI dimmable driver has constant current dimmable driver and constant voltage dimmable driver. DALI dimmable driver has the function of both decoder and driver, which controls constant voltage LED lamps and dims 0~100% range brightness. It can really realize green energy conversation.
Ambient bar.jpgDALI dimmable driver adopts PWM dimming and supports TouchDIM. You can control the brightness of LED lamps by hands. DALI dimmable driver supports short circuit, over current, over temperature protection, etc.

DALI dimmable driver is widely used in hospitals, hotels, offices, homes, which completely realizes digital dimming. It is very easy use DALI dimmable driver to control every lamps.

We believe that DALI dimmable driver will be the twinkle star in the future