The Practice Experience of LED Lighting Driver Power Supply

- Aug 29, 2018-

With the development of LED packaging and heat dissipation technique in recent years, the stability of LED lighting has reached a good level. Lighting attenuation is occurred on the products of Shanzhai manufactures owing to the unreasonable design of heat dissipation. However, it is terrible for LED driver power supply to result in dead light and blink. In other word, LED lighting driver power supply is one of weakness of LED lighting quality according to the bucket theory, which directly determines the lifespan of LED lighting.

The power supply of street light usually separates from lamp holder which often breaks down. The Country makes a rule that the warranty of high pressure sodium lamp is one year and the dimension of power supply must be same. There are a number of sodium lamps in the lamp administrative department.

Nowadays, the main reason of LED lighting is power supply. So we should solve the problem of power supply which lacks of the enforceability standardization. The single circuit, the multiply circuit and dimension are various in the market, which is difficult to exchange. With the appearance of super power LED street lamps and LED tunnel lamps, the LED driver power supply which is adopted internal installed design often breaks down. Meanwhile, the customers generally complain that the manufactures haven’t after-sale service. Our Euchips’s products have been strictly inspected before shipping, once you received the goods you are not satisfied, please contact us freely and we will provide good after-sale service for you.

We should think that how to improve the quality of LED driver power supply.

Firstly, giving up 4 channels output, and developing the single or two channels output, quitting large current and power current, developing little current

The cost of solving the interference current is higher if the output channels are more complicated, which leads to the power supply breaking down.

Secondly, the advantage of LED lighting is intelligent controller.

Intelligent controller applies to LED street lamps and LED tunnel lamps by controlling the lighting power according to the traffic stream in different time, which meets the requirement of application and saves energy. In the tunnel, intelligent controller can not only adjust the brightness automatically, but also provide the visual transition for drivers to ensure the safety

Thirdly, quitting large power and super power, choosing high stability of medium and litter power

Because the power is larger, the rate of heat dissipation is also larger and the inner parts are tighter. It is not easy to heat dissipating. High temperature is the chief culprit of power supply.

Fourthly, heat dissipation and protection are external factors of faulted power supply

The power supply can emit heat in itself, the lamps also too. The lighting engineers should think how to get out the source of heat reasonably. Adopting the separated power supply may be a good choice.

Fifthly, the feasibility of maintenance

The faulted power supply can’t be absolutely avoided. If the power supply’s replacing is as same as illuminative power’s, the users will be happy to use them. The users’ feeling determines the LED manufactures’ destiny.

Sixthly, barrier property

It is very important of barrier property to prevent water permeating, which can generate short-circuit. The dust on the shell affects the heat dissipation of power supply. Exposure is easy to lead to high temperature of electric wire and the aging of other components.

Seventhly, modular design

Now the modular design is very popular. If the power supply can pull out to solve the maintenance, it will be convenient for users to use.