The Led Lighting Controllers

- Sep 24, 2018-

Led Lighting Controller, also referred to as programmable lighting controller, that is to say, the plan might be modified in line with user demands, for instance the speed of lights flash, synchronous and asynchronous designs, it has good expansibility, the block might be combined to operate synchronously or asynchronously as outlined by client wants to reach higher specifications.

Controller is a product of higher overall performance with all the technology of microprocessor and modern power electronic , which can realize stress reduction or stress limitation effectively, prolong the service life in the lamp, cut down upkeep expenses and workload of maintenance, meanwhile using the benefit of energy saving impact, much less investment and speedy feedback.RE Remote Controller Several characteristics of RE controller is usually described as following:

1、Sensitve respond, stable dimming impact , no stroboscopic;

2、When touching aura, due to LED Touch Controller, the lamp will seem corresponsive brightness quickly , the induction lamp of the remote manage will also show different vcolor halo, what make remote handle a lot more attractive;

3、The controller with RJ45 synchronization network port could achieve synchronization handle by network cable;

4、when adjusting the brightness and speed, can hold down the button directly;

5、With the function of energy memory storage, the alter mode of power down for the last time will likely be retained.

IR Remote Controller

IR Remote controller with advanced PWM manage technologies is used to handle different constant voltage LED lamps and lanterns of RGB colour alter, including: article RGB LED lights, LED modules, LED lamp series,Energy belongs for the low voltage DC input mode, the output load has 4 interfaces, such as V public interface, RGB control interface, IR remote controller with 24 keys what is adopted to pick the static colour or gradient,and may accomplish the modify of static brightness, color stroboscopic gradient and multicolor lights, we could expand the power of RGB signal amplifier by contacting with LED Controller Manufacturer ,to achieve the function of extra LED lights synchronization, in theory,it could connect countless RGB amplifier.

Dmx512 Led Controller

DMX 512 controller adopts the advanced micro control unit, it receives standard DMX512 digital handle signal and transformed it into PWM signal for driving LED; You could connect DMX module with DMX digital console to attain dimming or different changes in procedures.The remote controller can recognize extended distance remote handle and transform the operation.The DMX address with editfunction is easy to alter the address, we are able to pick the speed for every single modify mode independently.