The Knowledge of LED Driver

- Aug 29, 2018-

Several important parts of LED lighting products are heat dissipation, LED driver, light source, and the heat dissipation is more significant, which directly affects the lighting products lifespan. However, light source is the core of the whole products. The lifespan of LED driver, output current and stabile voltage influence the products lifespan.

LED driver is an auxiliary product. Nowadays, the uneven quality of LED driver presents some problems, so we should know some related knowledge of LED driver.

What is LED driver?

The LED driver can be converted into specific voltage and current, which drives LED glowing. Input LED driver usually includes alternating current, low voltage direct current, high voltage direct current, etc. However, Output LED driver can change the voltage of constant current supply with the change of LED forward voltage drop. The core components of LED driver includes on-off controller, inductor, MOSfet, feedback resistor, input filter, output filter and so on.

The characteristics of LED driver

Firstly, High Reliability

LED driving power supply installs at high altitude, which is not convenient to repair and the cost is too high.

Secondly, High Efficiency

LED is the energy saving products. The efficiency of driving power supply is high. It is very important for power supply to install in lamps. The efficiency of power supply is higher, the consuming power is lower, the heat value is lower and meanwhile the temperature of lighting is lower.

Thirdly, High Power

Although the low single electronic application affects power system a little, we are using the lighting more in the evening, which results in the serious pollution of power system.

Fourthly, Surge Protection

The ability of LED surge protection is low, especially the ability of resisting backward voltage. It is important to enhance the protection. A lot of LED lighting is installed out of doors, and the power system sometimes meets all kinds of surge which leads to the breakdown of LED.

Fifthly, Protect Function

We should increase the negative feedback of LED temperature for output constant current, which avoids high temperature of LED.

The classification of driving model

Firstly, Output current of constant current driving circuit is settled, however, output DC voltage changes with the electronic load value of resistance. The electronic load value is lower, the output voltage is lower. The electronic load value is higher, the output voltage is higher.

Secondly, when the technical parameters of stable voltage confirm, the output voltage is fixed. But the output current changes with the electronic load increasing or decreasing.

Now, you know something about LED driver and it is maybe a very good choice for you to choose LED products.