The Distinction of Different LED Driver Supply in Different Applications

- Aug 27, 2018-

LED is very flexible in applications, which is also different in different driver power supply. If we deal with it not very well, it will badly affect the lifetime and illumination. Now, we introduce the difference of different LED driver supply in different applications to you briefly.

Firstly, to introduce the principle of distributed constant current driver

It is very difficult for LED to continue to obey the big companies’ LED standard of the limited mainstream lighting models in the past market of incandescent lamps and energy saving lamps.

The principle of distributed constant current driver depends on the independent constant current power in each parallel branch points to manage, maintain, and control the stability of the branch and the whole circuit. The distributed constant current circuit can be seen as an integrated construction for our use, but in fact it can be controlled by constant current and it is a circuit construction of mutual communication.

Nowadays, there is a very big gap between the lifetime of LED products in the user manuals and the real service lifetime. The stability of driver circuit will directly affect the integrity of products.

The reason of the high reliability of distributed constant current is that, AC power supply continues to use the traditional switching power supply and adopt the power supply model of constant voltage. To accumulate the switching power supply technique can create the conditions of LED supply design. We cannot develop new power supply model in the same specification, which reduces the power specifications and improves the unity of power supply.

Secondly, to develop the LED application technique with hardware and software combinations

It is very hard to deal with the tolerance of device in the design of daily driving power, which results in the driving power parameters far away from the original design. Constant current driver needs current test and we usually use the resistance in the branch circuit to acquire the feedbacks. In order to gain higher power, the resistance will be down, and the little resistance will bring the convenience to the production and test line.

The LED application technique will fly high with the hardware and software combinations. If the LED constant current precision value software-based, it will greatly improve the stability of LED application. And it can use the microcomputer operating software to fulfill the current setting with intuitive figures.

Our goal is driving the components near the circuit. The components can not only bring no parameter tolerance, but also improve the accuracy of constant current.

Now our IC manufacturing engineer cannot meet the requirement of LED driver accuracy, but we can adopt the new techniques and skills to reach the top world level of constant current accuracy. To control the driver accuracy is one of the skills.

To control the driver accuracy, firstly, we can think that what the goal of design is. Is it according to the highest lighting effect or the design of lighting? If we only limit the current accuracy, it is very easy to do it. However, the customers ask for that all parameters should be met the requirements, e.g. the consistency of products and power. For the customers’ requirements, we need to take action into the design of driver. On the whole, to improve the stability of products needs to adjust the current and control the accuracy.

The division and design of current is different in different markets. It will be improved by software-based because of the output current tolerance in the manufacture processes.

Thirdly, the new design to improve the driving efficient

It is good for AC power supply to drive the LED in the single concatenation, but the single concatenation is a rare part of LED driving applications which also has parallel connection in many cases. LED doesn’t work on the condition that all of the design of current keeps constant. The whole LED current of products influence each other.

In the high current design, the designers don’t directly connect the LED current to many circuit. If the designers do that, it will be very dangerous. The right way is to keep the voltage constant and then keep the DC current constant. And as we know that, DC driver works very well in the condition of reasonable voltage and load. So we should think that how to control the number of LED load or the LED has been change in a reasonable area. Another way is adopting the distributed constant driver which provides the driving ability of light. One branch can be seen as the represent of all circuit. The distributed constant driver communicates with each other.