The Dimming Technique of LED Power Supply

- Sep 07, 2018-

With the rapid development and popularization of LED lighting products, nowadays LED power supply has become a trend. Traditional lighting cannot meet users’ requirement. LED lighting can adjust its color brightness, create a modern and comfortable environment and realize green energy saving by LED power supply. To adjust color brightness, LED lighting also need dimmer, power supply, master controller, etc. If there are higher requirement, LED lighting also needs LED power amplifier, LED signal converter, etc, OTTIMA has been engaged 13 years on providing intelligent lighting system for the customers. Mature technologies, rich experience, all-around service, integral system solution and perfect compatibility was won a good reputation by customers at home and abroad. Meanwhile, OTTIMA dimming technologies are always advanced than other companies. Let’s introduce LED power supply briefly.

Firstly, adjust forward current to change the brightness. According to LED specification, its brightness is proportion to working current. However, adjusting LED current, the easy way is, to change the resistor of LED load. Secondly, PWM dimming is pulse width modulation. LED lighting is a switching diode. The speed of switch is above than microsecond. If driving power supply is changed to PWM constant current power supply by changing pulse width, LED lighting will can change its brightness. Thirdly, traditional incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, and other dimming systems, compared with LED lighting, are pure resistance devices. Input voltage waveform deviates sine wave by conducting angular variation when we use triac driver.

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