The development of LED drivers by the Japanese Roma company

- Jun 07, 2018-

The company has developed a four-channel backlight led driver for lower power consumption, which can dramatically reduce the power consumption of the LCD panel of the TV. 

According to the author's information and to the relevant television manufacturers to verify that the current LCD panel total power consumption, backlight consumption to account for about 70%, so has been the focus of many manufacturers research and development. Recently listed this new LED driver, by the built-in FET pressure level to 80V, the maximum led current to 250ma/ch, so that the product can be applied to various sizes of the LCD panel, but also very helpful to reduce the design burden. It is understood that the pre-production process of the production base for Rohm Hamamatsu Co., Ltd. (Japan), the production base of post-production process for Rohm Electronics Philippines, Inc. (Philippines). The company plans to start selling samples from September 2013 (sample price: 200 yen), starting from November 2013 to the scale of 200,000 monthly production. It is believed that after large-scale production, the power consumption of LCD TV will be reduced, more energy saving and environmental protection.