The Control Technique Development of LED Intelligent Driver

- Sep 06, 2018-

Intelligent is becoming a new buzzword since 2015, such as intelligent made in China, Intelligent home, intelligent city, etc. It is a new challenge for manufacturers to open the new market. Who will lead the intelligent market? Who will place first in that race?

In 2012 the global home furnishing market size is about 0.87 billions of dollars, which was increased to 2.3 billions of dollars and compound growth rate is 38% in 2014. It is estimated that the global home furnishing market will be 3.1 billions of dollars, which increased 35 percent year on year. Meanwhile, the intelligent lighting increased rapidly in industrial field. A famous analyst predicted that the intelligent light market would be 10.3 billions of dollars and compound annual growth rate would be 27 percent. Chinese intelligent market size will occupy 23 percent in the global consumer market in 2020.    

With the development of intelligent lighting, many famous international lighting enterprises launch LED intelligent lighting products. What’s more, many manufacturers of LED driver should follow the trend of the development, researching LED intelligent driver. As the core of LED lighting, the control technique of LED driver will affect the development of intelligent light. So we have to pay more attention on research led intelligent driver

And we also doing the new design of led driver industry,beliver we can.