The Comprehensive Analysis of DALI Dimmable Driver

- Sep 20, 2018-

Many people who may know little about DALI dimmable driver just rest on  DALI protocol, digital dimming, PWM dimming, etc. It is well-known that DALI dimmable driver is a kind of light source, which is not only can be used at home to create more comfortable environment, but also for reducing the unnecessary lighting to realize energy conservation and emission reduction.
In the early dimming technology, you have had to deal with some problems, for example, if you adjust the forward current, the chromatography will shifted. If you adjust the current, the constant current driver will do not work. Luckily, DALI dimmable driver can solve these problems. Because DALI dimmable driver adopts PWM(Pulse Width Modulation)
DALI dimmable driver adopts PWM dimming signal, which will not change the chromatography. Because PWM is also used in efficient voltage regulators. By switching voltage to the load with the appropriate duty cycle, the output will approximate a voltage at the desired level. The switching noise is usually filtered with an inductor and a capacitor. One method measures the output voltage. When it is lower than the desired voltage, it turns on the switch. When the output voltage is above the desired voltage, it turns off the switch. It is very convenient for us to use.