The Characteristic and Future Development Direction of LED Driver

- Aug 29, 2018-

According to the load characteristic and application scenarios, LED driver has different features as a member of switching power supply.

Firstly, small volume

LED lamp cap should accommodate traditional installing space. Usually Speaking, LED driver installs in LED lamp cap, so its volume should be small.

Secondly, high reliability

Driver is the core of LED lighting, and we should ensure the high reliability.

Thirdly, low cost

The cost is one of the barriers of LED lighting for people. Nowadays, the cost of LED Chips is higher than people’s psychological price. So the cost of LED driver will face severe test.

Fourthly, High Efficiency

High Efficiency of LED lighting should be matched a good driver.

Fifthly, Good Waterproofness & Vibration Characteristic

The outdoor LED illumination, just like street light, should bear the heavy weather test.

Sixthly, Long Lifespan

LED light shouldn’t have any weakness when using 100,000 hours.

Seventhly, Good Temperature Characteristic

High power density and spring-autumn environment temperature shouldn’t influence driver working.