The challenges facing led drivers

- Jun 07, 2018-

First: Increase the life span, prolong the use time of the lamp.

The whole life of the driving circuit, especially the key devices such as: The Life of the capacitor under high temperature directly affects the life of the power supply; Second: Improve the efficiency, improve the light effect of lamps and lanterns.

LED driver should challenge higher conversion efficiency, especially when driving high-power led, because all the power not as the output of the light as heat dissipation, power conversion efficiency is too low, affect the LED energy-saving effect of the play; Third: Reduce costs, improve the availability of the purchase.

At present, in the application of Small power (1-5w), the proportion of constant current drive power supply is nearly 1/3, which has been close to the cost of light source, and has influenced the market promotion to some extent.