The Application of LED Area Lighting

- Sep 07, 2018-

The main function of LED driver is current-limiting in many conditions, which protects LED from surge and other damages, provides the safety, and avoids electric fire or mechanical shock. what’s challenge for LED driver of LED area lighting is outdoor temperature. It suffers not only voltage 277VAC, 347VAC, but also even higher voltage 480VAC than the standard voltage.

LED driver of LED area lighting maybe meet the related Power Factor (PF) or standard harmonic. For example, international standard IEC61000-3-2 has high requirement for C THD, PF is not necessarily higher than 0.9. In American market, PF must be higher than 0.9 and THD is lower than 20%.

Many outdoor area lighting applications suffer all kinds of severe temperature environment. What’s worse, the whole working time will be affected. So it is very important for users to use LED driver which is high energy efficiency, little inner emit heating, low loss.

LED lighting should be intelligent controlled. Traditional street lighting uses timer or environment opto-sensor to control. However, using PLC or wireless control technique can improve LED area lighting highly flexible. LED intelligent control technique is not only energy saving, but also safe. Nowadays, many LED drivers can not suffer outdoor severe temperature and the working time is short.

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