The Application of DALI Dimmable Driver Has a Promising Future

- Sep 06, 2018-

LED is a diode, which can realize high-speed switch. The speed of switch is above microsecond. Other luminescent devices are not matched. Thus, the power supply changes PWM constant current driver to increase its brightness. This method is PWM dimming mode. What is the relationship between PWM dimming technique and DALI dimmable driver?

A good LED dimming technique also needs a good LED control signal technique to cooperate very well, which becomes an effective, reliable system. LED PWM dimming mode has some outstanding advantages. Digital control signal is easy to become a PWM signal. DALI is the abbreviation for “Digital Addressable Lighting Interface” which is illumination control communication protocol opened in the world. PWM dimming mode cooperates DALI very well. They have their advantages. PWM dimming technique solves the final dimming problems of LED driver. DALI technique works out every LED lighting control. At last, you can see that the application of DALI dimmable driver is a corollary.

Nowadays, many companies’ dimmable drives adopt PWM dimming technique. ottima realizes the cooperation of DALI and PWM technique perfectly. DALI dimmable driver signal adopts DALI technique, and combines digital lighting control system, which realizes full digitalization LED control product line.

Nowadays the application of DALI dimmable driver is chaos. And there are several problems and difficults. But the application of DALI dimmable driver has a bright future. With scientific technique, responsible attitude, we will develop, expand, use DALI dimmable driver well. DALI dimmable driver will be our friends. You can see DALI dimmable driver everywhere in the future