The Application of 0-10V Dimming

- Sep 26, 2018-

The Application of 0-10V Dimming
0-10V dimming applies a direct current voltage(DC) between 0 and 10 Volts to produce light at varying intensity levels. At 10V, the lights controlled by the dimmer are at 100% brightness. At 1V, the lights are at 10% measured brightness, which may actually be perceived as 32% brightness. At 0 Volts, it either turns the lights off or has the lights dimmed to the lowest possible level and a switch is required to turn the lights completely off.

0-10V dimming started as a method for dimming fluorescents but is also used on LED lighting today. It’s typically used in offices, retail spaces and homes with fixtures that have a LED driver designed for 0-10VDC dimming input.

What you need of connecting master controller and LEDS is a LED dimmable driver. For instance, the front is a 0-10V master controller; the end is a LED lamp. Here, you need a LED dimmable driver to change voltage and transit the dimming signal.

To choose the right LED dimmable driver, you should take full consideration of LED lamps and installation applications. For the indoor lighting of LED strips and LED bars according to the power, you can choose constant voltage LED drivers. In addition, To dim wash lamps, down lamps and spot lamps, you can choose constant current LED drivers. For the outdoor lamps, the best choice is waterproof LED driver to control your lamps. To control the long distance of lamps in large-size building lighting, you may need several signal amplifiers.