Teach you How to Choose Best Quality of DALI Dimmable Driver

- Sep 11, 2018-

DALI protocol is very easy to control, which maintains strong development momentum in the intelligent lighting control field. It will be the mainstream of new generation of intelligent lighting control protocol. So DALI dimmable driver has born at the right time. As the name implies, it is dimmable led driver. DALI dimmable driver is, dimmer and driver merged into one, widely used in LED lighting dimming. DALI dimmable driver can realize 0-100% brightness adjusting, be energy saving, create different lighting atmosphere and control every lamp. A small DALI dimmable driver has a strong function.

Many people don’t know much about DALI dimmable driver, so how to choose high quality of DALI dimmable driver is very important for users.

a.    The compatibility   DALI dimmable driver

DALI is the special lighting control protocol. To be a member of DALI association owns DALI all protocols. So DALI dimmable driver can be compatible all DALI master controllers and other devices. Firstly, you must know the manufacturers are members of DALI association or not. Nowadays, There are a little Chinese manufacturers whom joined DALI association.

b.    The protective measures  DALI dimmable driver

Dimmable drivers can be realized multi-protection by high technology manufactures, such as over temperature protection, over current protection, over voltage protection, over power protection, over load protection, short circuit protection, etc. According to customers’ requirements or drivers, DALI dimmable driver realize multi-protection to reduce failure risk by closing output, recovering after fault condition removing and hiccupping mode, recovering after fault condition removing.

c.    The efficiency of DALI dimmable driver

LED is the product of energy saving. It has high requirement for DALI dimmable driver, high efficiency, low loss. The temperature effects the working time of DALI dimmable driver. In a certain temperature range, it rises 10℃, the working lifetime of DALI dimmable driver will reduce one half.  The efficiency value of driver calculates by percentage. Euchips’ efficiency of DALI dimmable driver is above 90%, which can really realize green energy saving.

In short, we hope these can help you how to choose best quality of DALI dimmable driver.