Swaziland uses smart LED streetlights to monitor weather and crops

- Nov 13, 2018-

Smart LED streetlights are working wonders across the globe and even developing nations are now taking the smart LED route. The Kingdom of Swaziland has installed smart sensory LED streetlights.
Agricultural boost

According to Swazi authorities, the LED streetlights not only help to save energy and money but also help out with the chief plank of the nation’s economy, which is agriculture.

The IoT equipped smart LEDs can assist with monitoring weather and crops with the help of data analytics. This will help to optimize productivity and boost agricultural output.

The smart lights has been created by gridComm, and has hybrid communication technology, which consists of a wireless physical layer and an advanced multi-channel OFDMA (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access), power line communication (PLC) transceiver.The device utilizes digital power supply technologies to switch conventional street lighting into web-based LED smart lighting.

Since several IoT sensors run on batteries, wireless communication and hybrid power line technology paves the way for connectivity between these sensors as soon as they are in the vicinity of LED streetlights.

The connected sensors can be introduced to the network as and when required. Further, the modules are designed to mechanically attach to the adjacent gateway with no onsite configuration for accurate ‘plug-and-play’ connectivity.