Successful case studies of street light

- Oct 22, 2018-

Now, lets find out how some of the major LED streetlight projects are faring, worldwide. A study of 15 LED streetlight projects in 12 cities across the world, including London, New York and Kolkata, found that in some projects, LED streetlights accounted for 85% cut down in energy costs. The study indicated that citizens also preferred LED streetlights due to environmental and social benefits. In London, Kolkata, Toronto and Sydney, 68%-90% respondents said that they approve LED streetlights.

LED streetlight project in London

London will get a large deployment of LED street lights by 2016, and through this project, the city aims to save 40% energy, and 60% cut down in carbon emissions by 2025. London will upgrade 35,000 streetlights with LED lamps in the first phase, and install a network of control systems to monitor the LED streetlights. However, London will upgrade all its streetlights over the next 10 years. As per estimate, the first phase will reduce emissions by 9700 metric tons annually and save about $3 million?a 40% savings.

LED streetlight project in Los Angeles

One of the most successful LED streetlight projects was witnessed in Los Angeles, USA. In 2009, President Bill Clinton had started the project to retrofit 140,000 street lights. By January 2014, 114,067 out of 210,000 streetlights were replaced with LED lights, which lead to 63.3% rise in electricity savings. With the installation of LED streetlights, maintenance costs of streetlights have also decrease significantly. Prior to the LED streetlight project, Los Angeles had registered 70,000 street light maintenance and repair in 2008 as compared to 46,300 in 2012. It was revealed that LED streetlights failed at a rate of only 0.02%. With installation of LED lights, Los Angeles has also recorded fall in crime rate at night as LED lights have improved visibility at night.