Study predicts huge market opportunity for human-centric lighting

- Nov 19, 2018-

A European study on human-centric lighting?Quantified benefits of human centric lighting?has predicted that human-centric lighting will create huge market opportunity. The study has also said that human-centric lighting will have great impact on society.

The study predicts human-centric lighting market penetration of 5% by 2020 for industrial use; 3% for office use; and 10% for education. Medical and residential care are both expected to see 20% market penetration by 2020, with residential homes realistically expected to achieve just 2%.

The new study published by LightingEurope, AT Kearney, and the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association (ZVEI) has studied the benefits of human-centric lighting. It examined the benefits at a micro level, that is, for individual investors such as facility owners, and at the macro level, that is, from the perspective of the general public.

The study states that human-centric lighting adds value because of the additional applications created for lighting, such as treating diseases or skin conditions, with light; the improvement of productivity and concentration, as well as sleeping problems, where light color temperature can provide a better night’s rest.

The study shows that the industrial segment will see the most significant benefits, from human-centric lighting. These benefits will lead to increase in productivity. The study speculates that total benefits for Europe, could be ?0.87 billion or up to ?12.8B if market penetrations were to reach 100% by 2020.

However, the only limitation that may stand in the way of human-centric lighting market?s growth is too much regulation. This could make things difficult, warns the industry.