Smart LED bulbs to safeguard your home!

- Oct 11, 2018-

Residential security is one of the most critical aspect when it comes to living. Specially during nights, when keeping a security guard and well-lit house seems the only option though it weighs heavily on monthly budgeting expenses.
Smart LED bulbs to safeguard your home!

A Swiss-German start-up company is working to give residential LED lighting a new role as a home security guard. These newly developing LED lamps will memorize a person’s room-by-room usage pattern and accordingly switch themselves on and off in that pattern when the owner leave home. This system will help to identify actual user with an uninvited guest in the house.

The company, ComfyLight says that their system works as a burglar deterrent rather than simply acting as an alert once an unidentified intrusion occurs.

Taking the lead, ComfyLight LED lamps observe the lighting patterns and adjust according to that. We will try to explain that with an example. If a person normally keeps living room lights on until 11 p.m. and then switches on bedroom lights for an hour, ComfyLights will follow the pattern in the same way. They will replicate the lighting scheme even if the occupants are not home.

“ComfyLight is the first self-learning light bulb that’s meant to prevent intrusion,” co-founder Stefanie Turber stated in a video on the Kickstarter crowdfunding website. The company is hoping to raise US$ 163,000 from the campaign in the month of February. The technical expert team at ComfyLight suggests that these smartbulbs memorizes how you turn on and off lights when you’re at home then simulates the behavior in a very realistic way when you’re not around.

Officials are claiming the ease of use. The system requires a user to switch on a phone app after fitting in light bulbs. It helps to note usage patterns but it does not require the user to enter instructions to specifically turn on individual lamps at particular times, or to install any hubs or gateways. The mode of communication with LED lamps is via Wi-Fi.

The app functions in a unique and simple way. When the user leaves home, he switches on the app’s security mode. If an uninvited guests tried to break in, the lights will flash to waive-off burglar and alert neighbours, and the user’s phone screen will turn red. The company has not yet disclosed the price of a bulb.

ComfyLight is working on application programming interfaces (APIs) to allow developers to make lights compatible with other systems like Philips Hue smart lamps and door bells. ComfyLight hopes to ship product in Europe by March and in the US by May.

ComfyLight motion sensor can differentiate between humans and pets. With privacy in mind, they does not build in cameras or voice recorders and includes a motion sensor, a light sensor, and a 10W LED (80W equivalent) rated at 800 lm with a color temperature of 2700K and Ra 80 color rendering. The app is applicable on Android and iPhone handsets.