Save power and enjoy product reliability with LED grow lights

- Oct 07, 2018-

Worldwide markets for LED agricultural grow lights are growing as units support more efficient indoor growing. LEDs are less costly than alternatives and save significantly on electricity costs. Therefore, rapid adoption of LED grow lights worldwide is occurring as systems provide peak growing efficiently.

LED grow light module market was at $395 million in 2014, and is forecast to reach $1.8 billion by 2021. Rapid growth is anticipated as green house and plant factory growers find LED grow lights improve agriculture.

LED grow lights vs traditional lights

LED grow lights are more powerful and efficient than the older generation high-pressure sodium and metal halide bulb grow lights. They lower the electricity bill and produce less heat. Less heat allows putting the light closer to plants, and the plants do not get burned.

The next-generation LED grow lights deliver dramatic power savings and unmatched product reliability. They offer low power, high-efficiency, uniform light pattern, homogenous light distribution at precisely the right wavelengths and color ratios needed for superior photosynthetic response.

Plant light has photons from the blue to red (400?700 nm) part of the spectrum. This is called growth light. Horticulture lamps address the role of light in the growth and development of plants.

LED grow lights use growth light to automate and control growing. The ability to grow food consistently, locally represents a major breakthrough for humanity.

Growth lights permit people to grow food in warehouses and in the home, dedicating unused space in a manner that is efficient for producing food. Growth lights increase the density of food production by a factor of ten. This is significant.

In some places, like Japan, where there is a deficiency in the environment, plant factories will continue to proliferate and to use LED grow lights as large warehouse type entities that provide food for the general public and for people who need specialized nutrition.