Rapid rise in LED demand pushes growth of lighting fixtures

- Oct 08, 2018-

Lighting fixtures market has gained momentum in recent years as construction activity and motor vehicle production activity have been increasing globally. Rapidly growing demand for LED (light emitting diode) lighting has also been driving the growth of the lighting fixtures industry. LEDs offer longer life and higher energy efficiency as compared to incandescent lamps.

Lighting fixtures based on LED technology are anticipated to be a key driver of the market in coming years as the technological advancements in LED light sources are expected to further enhance their energy-efficiency, brightness and affordability. Demand for energy efficient lighting is driven by increased regulatory pressures across the globe. There is significant difference in LED technology and other lightings in terms of energy efficiency and this is anticipated to create fundamental disruption in the lighting industry across the value chain.

Products in lighting fixture market include non-portable fixtures such as outdoor, vehicular-type, industrial-type, and other indoor fixtures, portable fixtures such as consumer lighting products, and other separately sold accessories and parts for lighting fixtures. Lighting fixtures can be segmented based on type into architectural & commercial lighting, decorative & residential lighting, industrial lighting and outdoor lighting. Lighting fixtures can be gain segmented based on light source into incandescent, fluorescent, gas discharge and metal halide, LED and OLED. Decorative lighting further includes traditional, modern, design styles.

This again includes floor, ceiling lamps, table, wall and suspensions. Industrial lighting includes lighting for industrial sites, explosion and weather proof, hospital, and emergency lighting. Outdoor lighting consists of lighting for urban landscape, residential outdoor lighting, road lighting, campus/area lighting, tunnels lighting, among others. Lighting fixture demand is dominated by non-portable fixtures. Non-portable accounted for nearly two-thirds of total lighting fixture demand in 2011. Non-portable fixtures find significant demand in the full range of vehicular and construction.

North America was the largest market for lighting fixtures the region has seen extensive demand for lighting products from automotive and construction industry. North America was followed by demand from Europe. The market for lighting fixtures in Europe is characterized by rapidly growing demand for energy efficient lighting driven by regulatory pressure. Manufacturing and automotive industry are experiencing rapid growth in Asia Pacific and this is creating significant demand for lighting products in the region.