Philips and Disney work together to light childrens imagination with LEDs

- Oct 25, 2018-

Royal Philips, a global leader in lighting, announces its partnership with family entertainment giant Disney to develop a range of inspiring, magical, and playful lighting products for children, parents, and everyone young-at-heart. Philips and Disney lighting, available in Malaysia, combines Philips groundbreaking innovation in lighting with the magic of Disney characters and storytelling to transform a child?s bedroom into a more creative place for bedtime stories and a restful environment for a good night?s sleep.

The launch, held at the Malaysian branch of Hamleys, one of the oldest toy stores in the world, saw 15 children aged from 4 to 9 years embarking on fun activities such as a mini race to look for Philips and Disney lighting products. They were also given pillows to build their own pillow fortress as part of engagement activities to encourage them to use their imagination.

Studies show that lighting has a strong impact on an individuals mood, and the right lighting can help everyone, from children to adults, fall asleep and wake more naturally so that they can concentrate, perform tasks better1, and simply feel happier during their waking hours. Philips and Disney Lighting is designed with children in mind, in order to provide the best lighting for their bedrooms. Whether parents need help encouraging their children to sleep or wake, Philips and Disney?s range of compact, portable lighting products can help.

Bedtime stories can also help children establish a routine that ensures a restful nights sleep, and expand their imaginations  an important characteristic for childrens independence and self-expression. For parents looking for new inspiration to light up this night-time routine, Philips and Disney Lighting inspires magical family moments with Disney characters children know and love. The products are as vivid as childrens imaginations and make story time more enchanting and immersive.

With Philips and Disney Lighting, children can discover the cozy comfort of Disney SoftPals. These soft, night-time companions introduce just enough light to chase away the bumps in the night, without interrupting childrens natural sleep patterns. During playtime, magical make-believe is brought to life with the new LivingColors Mickey & Minnie, which feature vibrant lighting displays to create spectacular, imaginary worlds. The entire range of products offers imaginative and fun lighting to make bedtime a joy for children and parents alike.

As likeminded companies, Philips and Disney are committed to enhancing wellbeing and overall happiness, says Adrine Ong, General Manager for Philips Lighting Malaysia. This starts in the home, by creating a comfortable and engaging environment for our children. Designed with children in mind, the Philips and Disney lighting products transform the bedroom into a magical world. Philips is excited to bring these products to Malaysia and give new meaning to childrens bedtime.

The product range is equipped with child-friendly features like the Smart Philips LED bulbs designed to last for years and stay cool to the touch to protect little fingers. Each product is also meticulously designed with child safety in mind. There are no small parts or sharp edges, and cables can be safely tucked away using the velcro binders.

Through their partnership, Philips and Disney have committed to delivering engaging lighting that inspires childrens imaginations, while allowing them to sleep well and wake rested for another day of creative play.

These child-friendly, safe, and easy-to-use products will provide endless inspiration for Malaysian childrens imaginations and create the perfect environment for night or day, Adrine adds. Through this partnership between two known and trusted companies, Philips and Disney Lighting will create wonderful family memories for every home.

As a store that has been delighting multiple generations of children across centuries by spreading joy and wonder through the products on our shelves, Hamleys is happy to have the Philips and Disney lighting range in our store. We believe these products will provide a magical experience for children, by combining much-loved Disney characters with Philips’ lighting expertise and innovation to illuminate the imagination and dreams of children, said Noor Azlin Ishak, Director of GRV Toy Store Sdn Bhd.