People’s Sleep has Been Effected by LED Street Lighting in UK, Can DALI Dimmable Driver Solve it?

- Sep 14, 2018-

LED lighting is the first choice for people, because it is energy conservation, high illumination intensity. Nowadays, LED lighting is widely used in markets, hotels, offices, homes, etc, which has replaced the traditional incandescent lamps and other lamps. There are more and more cities use LED street lighting which has not only bright light but long working time. As one kind of LED dimmable driver, DALI dimmable driver is hardly a household name in China. However, DALI dimmable driver has been widely used abroad. Shenzhen OTTIMA is a manufacturer of DALI dimmable driver. The DALI dimmable driver products have been sold all over the world.

It is learnt that people’s sleep has been effected by strong LED street lighting in UK. The local people appeal to improve the lighting. Because strong LED street lighting causes light pollution and effects the people’ s sleep seriously. As you see, if the local government uses DALI dimmable driver to control the street lighting, what will happen? It is very easy for DALI dimmable driver to solve this problems. Now, let’s look at this example as below.
illuminazione1.jpgBlackburn gained 9000,000 pound from the local government in 2014, located in the Northwest of Manchester . Blackburn used the money to install LED lamps and eliminate the traditional old street lamps. The original goal is saving a large amount of electric charge and maintenance costs and improving the people’ s quality of life. Unluckily, the people cannot sleep well for several nights. Because the LED street lighting is too strong. Some people’s home at night is brighter than day. The LED street lamps have not installed DALI dimmable driver which can control the brightness. This problem can be solved well by installing DALI dimmable driver.
With the rapid development of the cities, we can see more and more cities without darkness. However, this can be caused light pollution. DALI dimmable driver can avoid the unnecessary lighting pollution. We also believe that DALI dimmable driver will be the mainstream in future. No matter wherever you go, you will see more and more DALI dimmable drivers in hotels, offices, homes, markets, hospitals, etc.