Now light fixtures are keeping pace with advancements in lighting technologies

- Oct 19, 2018-

With lighting technologies advancing fast, light fixtures are also becoming advanced to meet the demand. Now the demand is for sensor-laden LED bulbs that can send back data about anything from air quality at your home to alerting for gas leakage?light fittings are advancing and becoming the gateway to the Internet of Things. Now light fittings are advancing to keep pace with LED lighting.

A major transformation is to keep up with the advancements of lighting which are being digitally tuned?colours, hues, brightness?while also gathering information and sending it to other nearby lights, or devices like smartphones, or back to big databases through the cloud.

Now, apps will combine sensing and lighting in new ways. For example, Terralux is marketing LED networks that can detect odours or smoke and trigger an alarm and set off a pattern of flashing warning lights. Another application is for retail stores that would analyse sales data and map it to different lighting in the store to see what lighting drives the most purchases. Car park lighting will be able to track cars and point drivers towards available spaces.

GE, Samsung, LG and other global players are working in this space. Cisco had partnered with Sensity to work on a Light Sensory Network. Sensity is trying to create a platform so the data from all these lights, indoor and outdoor, can be analysed and made available to application developers.