New software for hotels that allows total lighting control

- Oct 24, 2018-

Image this: You've just arrived at your hotel room, it's late and you are tired. The only thing you want to do is to go to sleep, but you cannot locate the switch that would turn on the lights of the room. You try the one next to the door and it turns on the bathroom light; you try the one near the desk and the bedside light turns on. Sound familiar

A revolutionary software

Well, searching for light switches will soon be a thing of the past with the new lighting control software, LumiFi. The revolutionary lighting software creates intuitive light scenes by incorporating wireless enabled LED lighting hardware from multiple manufacturers and the expertise of award-winning lighting designers, to offer customizable lighting moods, easily accessible through the touch of a smartphone.

Although lighting solutions have been integrated by early adopters in the home consumer market, this revolutionary software is the first of its kind to bring this concept into hospitality settings through this personalized app. Forward-thinking hotel owners are considering the many benefits of wireless enabled LED technology to create a sense of identity and ambience. Hotels pay a one-time fee that includes a software license, individualized set-up, and installation, and the app is available free for download to all hotel guests. After a hotel installs LED lightbulbs or switches and LumiFi?s software, a guest's smartphone communicates with the badge via the hotel?s WiFi network, enabling light control.

Human-centric lighting

This human-centric lighting provides guests with a higher level of service and engagement, enhances loyalty programs, and acts as a brand differentiator, separating a property from its competition.

More than any other environmental element, lighting has the ability to affect human emotion and influence behavior. This app incorporates various elements of scientific research that shows how certain lighting can trigger physiological and emotional responses.

How it works

The team starts by analyzing the wattage, lumen output, beam spreads, and color temperature of bulbs for each individual fixture in a specific space. Taking all that into consideration, the software then assigns different lighting attributes to each fixture to create a cohesive and meaningful lighting experience. Preset options include relax, which uses hints of warm white to balance the mood and amber to help the mind unwind. Focus, combines the direct light of an office with the cool glow of a library and the warm glow of a home. Romance, marries deep blues and candlelight golds to create the most flattering and passionate lighting mood.

By turning a smartphone into a convenient remote, a user only needs to outfit a room with wireless enabled LED light bulbs or switches, which are then connected through a WiFi badge. LumiFi's patent-pending algorithm then generates lighting software by applying different values of lighting to different fixtures throughout a space