New FCC rules for LED lighting devices

- Jun 24, 2019-

According to the recent announcement of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Office of Engineering and Technology Laboratory Division, Radio frequency (RF) LED lighting products are now subject to FCC rules to ensure that devices do not cause harmful interference to radiocommunications services.

LED lighting is used for a device which has the primary function of generating light by electrically powering semiconductor materials. Such light generation is commonly intended for general illumination, and also includes other applications such as traffic signaling, roadway lighting, manufacturing processes, agriculture, etc. According to the FCC rules, LED lighting devices intentionally generate RF energy via electronic power conversion or digital circuitry, but are not intended to radiate RF energy by radiation or induction and thus they are classified as unintentional radiators. LED lighting products today employ single or multiple LED chips, but can also include organic LEDs (OLEDs), polymer OLEDs, quantum dots, etc.