Mushroom packaging for LED lighting fixtures

- Oct 25, 2018-

Mushroom packaging for LED lighting fixtures

With the rapid growth and popularity of LED lighting, it is opening up new avenues and business opportunity, and one of them being the package and delivering of light fixtures, which has become a big challenge for the manufacturers.

Manufacturers are now looking for newer and innovative materials for packaging that will also be cost-effective. One company, Rich Brilliant Willing (RBW), a designer and manufacturer of LED-based lighting solutions in New York City, is exploring sustainable materials from Sealed Air for durable, stable packaging that would protect the delicate lighting fixtures.

In 2013, the company started researching potential packaging materials, and its co-founder and partner Alex Williams found an innovative option, that is Sealed Air?s Restore packaging, which is sustainable, biodegradable, and reliable protective packaging source.

Restore uses mycelium, or the root-like structure of mushrooms, to bind agricultural waste together in a mold custom-designed by Sealed Air to form a protective cushion. Since Restore is an all-natural alternative, the manufacturers and end users can dispose of the packaging in an environmentally friendly way. Sealed Air began growing the monocle wall sconce molds, and the new package was ready for use.

The company also worked with Sealed Air to produce an information card featuring messaging around the package?s formation, protective capabilities, and compostability that would be included in each shipment.

Based on the initial successes with Restore, Richardson and his partners are evaluating expanding the use of the new packaging format beyond monocle wall sconces.