Luminis Illuminates Entrance and Lobby at Children’s Hospital in Vancouver, Canada

- Dec 03, 2018-

Canadian lighting design company Luminis has lit up the entrance and lobby of Teck Acute Care Center in the BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver Canada.

The 8-story facility was designed to create a gentle healing environment and lighting plays a crucial role in creating a sense of calm for both patients and their parents.

The lighting designers at SMP Engineering worked on all areas of the Centre, including the main lobby and the exterior canopy at the entrance. Their objectives were to provide high levels of direct illumination to light the space and an even indirect illumination to highlight the wooden structure of the outdoor canopy and the indoor lobby.


Luminis’ Syrios SY806 up and down pendant light was selected for the interior lobby’s lighting. The cylindrical pendant illuminates the floor below and provides the up light to accent the ceiling. The unique proprietary design of the Syrios allows the light module to be aimed precisely where it is needed, enabling the highlighting of the interesting beams and ceiling. The exterior canopy and the pathway were also lit up by the same luminaires to simultaneously provide up light to highlight the high wooden structure.


The project had to meet energy efficient targets for LEED Gold certification as well as local ASHRAE requirements. The performance options for both the direct and indirect elements of the fixtures made the Luminis products a compelling choice for the Centre. The products meet required standards and will continue to offer high quality, energy efficient lighting for the hospital and its patients for many years to come.