Low volt DC solutions for LED lighting

- Oct 09, 2018-

LED lighting has finally reached a point with respect to cost and benefits, and has the justification to replace high maintenance/lower efficiency florescent or halogen/metal halide lighting fixtures.

There is another very important opportunity to consider for new commercial construction or deep renovation projects?hybrid power distribution!

Today?s electronics devices (including LED fixtures) are native DC based electrical products. In fact, up to 80% of the AC power brought into buildings today is converted back to DC power via a transformer, or LED driver. These drivers or mini transformers are not only creators of heat but also likely reason for so many LED fixtures to fail prematurely.

Today there is a current wave of forward thinking suppliers and electrical engineers leading the way to provide power delivery solutions to bring in both AC and DC power into these facilities.

How does it impact? You get a ceiling space with class 2 and safe to touch power delivery (24V DC) and simple, low-cost ceiling reconfiguration for the life of the building (metal conduit or MC cable is no longer required for lighting power), and your LED fixtures get longer life. Your building also has less heat in the plenum space/further reducing air conditioning cost.

Lastly, your power distribution cables and LED fixtures are now personal assets (7.5 year depreciation vs. traditional electrical/lighting at 39.5 years). If you have renewables on the project (all DC power) this story gets even better!