Light For Well-Being

- Dec 07, 2018-

The new lighting installation at the university hospital in Poitiers, France supports the treatment of cancer patients in a special room thanks to human centric lighting. A natural environment is being simulated in the room to create a greater feeling of well-being thanks to modern tunable white LED technology and a custom-designed illuminated ceiling. In addition, more than 800 LED luminaires and LED drivers have been installed in the new administrative block at the hospital.


The university hospital of Poitiers is the health centre for the entire Vienne region. As part of inter-regional projects and partnerships with other with other university hospitals, it conducts research into medical and therapeutic innovations, improvements to clinical processes and ways to ways to deliver a better patient experience.

Human centric lighting to support cancer treatment


The new lighting solutions can improve the well-being of patients and visitors and also the working environment of the employees. The operators of the new administrative building are benefiting not only from optimum lighting but also from cost savings thanks to integrated sensors