LEDs can perfectly illuminate shelves and bookcases

- Oct 07, 2018-

LEDs continue to be the preferred choice when you want to have proper light at your home, and also to highlight shelves, bookshelves and other objects. They deliver new opportunities for a number of lighting applications, and now it is being widely used to illuminate shelves and bookcases.

One of the core highlights of LEDs for shelf lighting is its small size. The efficient miniaturisation of light fittings enables the lighting designers to hide light sources in new areas.Have a look atimportant insights on how to approach the application.

Front lighting

By hiding the LED lights, you can washthe light vertically down in the front of the shelves from a vertical LED source facing back towards the shelves. The even wash light paves way for adjustable shelving with light source well hidden. However, the light source can be viewed from the side.

Another way to light the front of the shelves is side lighting with exposed source. Here, designers can use wash light across the shelving with LED inside an aluminium extrusion with frosted diffuser. So, the front of the shelving can be lighted even when there is nowhere to hide the source. However, the LED dots can be viewed behind the diffuser unless an acrylic diffuser denser line of LED is deployed.

Undershelf lighting

LED strip housed in an aluminium extrusion with opaque diffuser can be recessed into the underside of a shelf. The ideal aesthetic, brings light onto the front of the shelf. Here, shelving becomes non-adjustable.

Backlighting is a dramatic effect that apparently lifts the shelving away from the wall. LED strip can be positioned at the back of the shelf with a minimum of about 20mm between the wall and the shelf. Diffusing the light and housing the LED in an extrusion will help to reduce any reflection and give a glow of light on the wall.