LED Re-Timer spectacles riding high in global markets

- Nov 19, 2018-

 According to the manufacturers of LED Re-Timer spectacles that can regulate the circadian rhythm of a wearer, sales are flourishing with consumers spread over 40 nations. The specialized spectacles developed by sleep specialists Professor Leon Lack and Dr Helen Wright at Flinders University in Adelaide function to re-time the body clock of a user.

The Australian company consists of 11 patents and has carried out five clinical trials in order to confirm performance of this innovative technology. The LED Re-Timer functions by suppressing the melatonin production of the body. Melatonin refers to the sleep hormone produced by your body which makes you feel tired.

The specialized spectacles provide green-blue light to your eyes through two LED lights that are mounted onto the frames. The company says that the product is the most effectual colour of light that may help to treat seasonal affective disease which is better known as winter blues.
 LED Re-Timer spectacles riding high in global markets

The firm says that since the lens of the eyes become cloudy and yellows with aging, it confines blue light, so green light,  the Re-Timer pinnacle at 500nm is an advanced treatment alternative for older people. Priced at a rate of $215, this product needs to be worn for about 30 minutes daily.

The study at Flinders University revealed that the circadian clock may be advanced to a previous time to a later time when using light consisting of a peak wavelength in the green-blue range.

The company says that the light is useful not only for people suffering from clinically diagnosed insomnia but also works wonders for those who are in a lookout to optimise their sleep–wake rhythm and expand their whole sleep period.