LED lights and power supplies in project

- Jun 30, 2020-

1. Under what conditions choose constant voltage power supply, under what conditions choose constant current power supply?

A. The constant voltage power supply and constant current power supply can be used in the constantly bright places. The brightness consistency of the relative constant current power supply is better than that of the constant voltage power supply.

B. It is more suitable to use constant voltage power supply in the place of gradual change and scanning.

2. What are the requirements for the LED light group when using a constant voltage power supply?

The output voltage of the constant voltage power supply must be consistent with the working voltage of the LED lamp group, for example: the output voltage of the constant voltage power supply is 12V, the working voltage of each branch of the LED lamp group must also be 12V, the number of branches of the LED module It can be increased or decreased arbitrarily within the range of maximum output current. Due to the deviation of the LED conduction voltage drop, the voltage drop of each branch will also be different, which will make the current of each branch different. Each branch should be connected in series with a voltage divider resistor or other current limiting measures.