LED lamps are good choice to replace phased out halogen lamps

- Oct 10, 2018-

The European Union’s (EU) decision to phase out high voltage reflector tungsten halogen lamps from September 1, 2016 has directly affected the lamp producers and dealers, as the ban has stopped these lamps from been circulated in the market. Consumers can, however, continue using the lamps till the old stocks last. In order to overcome this inefficient light source ban, consumers can an replace such halogen lights with energy and cost-efficient LED lamps.
Identifying the affected lamps

The lamps that have been banned are the high voltage reflector tungsten halogen lamps, which can be recognized by the following features:  

    Reflector lamps emit light to the front and not omnidirectional like pear-shaped lamps do
    The banned lamps have GU10, E27 or E14 bases
    These bulbs have glass casings
    These lamps are operated without a transformer

LED reflector lamps can be an alternative

LED reflector lamps can be used as an alternative to these banned lamps.LED reflector lamps have come about as ideal replacement for the affected halogen lamp. These energy-efficient LEDlamps not only resemble halogen lamps but are also extremely easy to replace. Although, LED lamps are costlier than halogen types, LEDs offer lower energy costs and are blessed with essentially higher rated service life.
Things to be noted when replacing with dimmable LED lamps

If a consumer wants to replace a tungsten halogen lamps with dimmable LED lamps, then a few things need to be taken into consideration:

LED lamps are good choice to replace phased out halogen lamps

    An LED lamp with dimmer should be used if the brightness is reduced once in a while. In case continuously less light is required, anLED lamp with a lower wattage will be the right choice
    LED lamps with dimmers can be used only in places specified on their packaging
    The dimmer used must be suitable for the specific LED lamp
    If uncertainty exists about already installed dimmers, consulting the building owner or an electrician is recommended
    It is recommended to avoid cheap light control systems and LED lamps as the quality of such low-cost lampswill lead to poor performance and failures