Led driver with different load for test

- Jul 03, 2020-

▲Different loads, different test results

  LED drive power with LED lamp test results are normal, with electronic load test, the results may be abnormal. Usually this phenomenon has the following causes:

   (1) The output voltage or power of the driving power supply exceeds the working range of the electronic load meter. (Especially in CV mode, the maximum test power should not exceed 70% of the maximum power of the load, otherwise the load may momentarily overpower the protection during loading, causing the drive power supply to fail to work or load.)

   (2) The characteristics of the electronic load meter used are not suitable for measuring the constant current source, and the load voltage level jump occurs, which causes the drive power supply to fail to work or load normally.

   (3) Because there will be a large capacitor inside the input of the electronic load meter, the test is equivalent to connecting a large capacitor in parallel with the output of the drive power supply, which may cause the current sampling of the drive power supply to become unstable.

  Because the design of the LED drive power supply is to meet the working characteristics of the LED lamps, the closest test method to the actual and real application should be to use the LED lamp beads as a load, and string the ammeter and voltmeter to test.