Led driver details in application

- Jul 07, 2020-

▲The fluctuation range of the power grid exceeds the reasonable range

   When the wiring of the same transformer network branch is too long, and there are large power equipment in the branch, the grid voltage will fluctuate violently when the large equipment starts and stops, or even cause the grid to be unstable. When the instantaneous voltage of the grid exceeds 310Vac, it may damage the drive power supply (even if there is a lightning protection device, it is invalid, because the lightning protection device is to deal with pulse spikes of tens of uS level, and the grid fluctuation may reach tens of mS or even hundreds of mS). Therefore, special attention should be paid when there are large electrical machinery on the street lighting branch network, it is best to monitor the fluctuation range of the grid, or to supply power by a separate grid transformer.

▲Line trips frequently

  Too many lights on the same branch lead to overload on a certain phase of electricity and uneven power distribution among the phases, which leads to frequent tripping of the line.

▲Drive power cooling

When the drive power supply is installed in a non-ventilated environment, the drive power supply housing should be in contact with the lamp housing as much as possible. If possible, apply thermal adhesive or paste a thermal pad on the contact surface of the housing and the lamp housing to improve the heat dissipation performance of the drive power supply. Ensure the life and reliability of the drive power supply.