Ideal Hotel Lighting

- Sep 11, 2018-

Lighting continues to be a hot topic amongst hotel operators, and for good reason. Stylish and proper hotel lighting beautifies the hotel's premises, compliments decor, and creates an element that invites travelers to come back again and again. The ambiance of any hotel begins in the lobby. The lighting should always focus on detail as much as it does grand design. The lobby area is definitely an area where hotel lighting(LED lighting dimmers) designers work on a welcoming ambiance to mesmerize guests. Lobbies should ideally be brightly lit with grand or sophisticated lighting fixtures to illuminate furniture, display cases, bookshelves, and especially fine art pieces. Lighting in lobbies should enhance the upbeat atmosphere.

Hotel lighting should not only compliment decor but create a comfortable ambiance that guests feel upon entering each room. Hotel rooms should feel like home and this can be easily achieved with lighting. Gone are the days of having multiple switches and dimmers(led dimmer) to control every light in the room. It is a confusing, almost outdated method for controlling lights in each room. Today, there are many automated solutions utilizing stylish keypads which control multiple lighting scenes to set the mood at the push of a button. Now guests can rest better knowing they aren't required to get out of bed to turn off every light in the room.

Comfort really comes from guests experiencing the overall lit space and not just a bunch of separate glowing light sources. Light helps us perceive and experience spaces, making good architecture even better. Energy savings, which is just as important to a hotel operator as comfort and beauty, can be achieved with low voltage fixtures, dimmer controls, and LED technologies. LED lighting(LED lighting controllers) is perfect for hallways and corridors where only low levels of lighting are needed. And environmentally conscious guests expect you to take those important steps toward sustainability, without cheapening the overall look. They don't expect you to "leave the lights on for them." They'd prefer if you turn them off for them instead. Excellent hotel lighting instantly boosts the feeling of comfort and luxury in each room now that lighting is no longer just for convenience and functionality. By utilizing modern lighting techniques, hotels can create a dramatic look, a soft cozy feeling, highlight artwork, or provide lighting for a work area in their rooms. Hotel lighting design is an art form where aesthetics and illumination come together for the ultimate in elegance.