How to Distinguish the Led Light’s Quality

- Sep 14, 2018-

There are lots of manufacturers producing the LED lights; there are many different production environment and processes, then as consumers when purchasing LED energy-saving lamps, how to judge the quality of the LED light?

I will teach you to judge whether the quality of LED lamp is good or bad, these are lessons learned in many ways.

First, inspect the overall “the Power Factor of the LED energy-saving lamps": the power factor of the LED lamp is low indicating that the drive power, circuit design is not good, it will greatly reduce the lamp life, for the low power factor, even if using better lighting lamp beads the life is not long.( LED lighting drivers)

Second, inspect the "lamp cooling conditions - materials, structures": the cooling of the LED lamp is also very important, compare the lamps of the same power factor and lamp beads of the same quality, if the cooling condition is not good, when the light bead work at high temperatures, the light fades will be great, lamp life will be reduced.

Third, inspect the “the quality of the light bead ": the quality of the light bead depends on the quality of the LED chip and packaging technologies.

Fourth, inspect the drive power the LED energy-saving lamps use, take the LED tube light for example relative to other parts of the lamp, the life expectancy the of power is much shorter, the life of the power affects the overall life of the lamp, theoretical life the lamp beads is 5-10 million hours, while the life of the power is between 0.2 and 3 million hours the design of the power and the material selection will determine the power of life.

Fifth, inspect the luminous efficiency: the same power of the lamp beads, the higher light efficiency is the brighter the brightness, the same illumination, the smaller the power consumption the more energy efficient which is particularly evident on the performance of the LED tube lamp.

Six, check up the power efficiency, the higher the better, higher, indicating that the power consumption of the power itself is smaller, the greater the power output.

Seventh, make sure if compliance with safety standards? Safety standards of China's LED lighting has been introduced, choosing the LED tube light that is the main LED lamp indoor and the LED flood lamp that is enjoys a great popularity as the decorative light outside as the required safety standards.

Eighth, whether the working fine of the LED lamp, we firmly believe that the product quality control of an LED energy-saving lamps enterprise significantly determines his attitude to quality.( LED controller Manufacturer)