How much do You Know about a Lamp Controller

- Sep 25, 2018-

Lamp controller is a developed high performance product based on the microprocessor technology and modern power electronic technology, which can effectively realize voltage-reduced and voltage limiting function, and prolong the service life of a lamp, reduce maintenance costs,decrease the workload of maintenance, own the energy-saving effect of up to 10%-45%*, have low investment, fast effect.

Let’s have a look at the role of a lamp controller:

1, controlling role:its flexible programmable control function can control the range of reduction voltage and voltage limiting, and switch time can be arbitrarily set. The control mode has time control, light control, manual control, remote control of upper computer and automatic control of the latitude and longitude on the basis of the location of use. It has the functions such as soft start, soft transition, soft shutoff, prevents the over-voltage and heavy current of cold start from causing impact to the lamps, and greatly reduces the damage rate of lamps. The lamps such as sodium lamp, mercury lamp, etc.,are equipped with adjustable start-up time of full pressure preheating, which can make the lamp more fully preheated, realizing the smooth transition to normal working condition. It can achieve the control of full-night lamp and midnight lamp, and has the function of decreasing the voltage and regulating the current again at latter half of the night, obtaining more ideal energy saving effect. Besides, it has the perfect restart function, when the load is at fault, and the external power failure ends, it can automatically reignite the lamp. The three-phase switch time and the output voltage can be adjusted independently, the load of imbalance and different types can be connected. Its programmable maintenance mode makes it easy for the repair and maintenance of lighting system, even lamp replacement. A group of normally open contact controlled by the clock must be preserved in order to achieve the special control. Contact capacity is 7A/250VAC.

2,The protective effect: it has the perfect lightning protection, and over-voltage, overheating protection. It owns an Independent three-phase overload protection, generating an alarm signal. With the failure alarming automatic bypass function, it can upload the fault signal. It also has the automatic switch-over function of emergency lighting. In some special occasions,there is a need of uninterrupted illumination.When the main lighting circuit occurs a fault, it can be automatically switched into DC emergency power supply system, the controller will automatically detect the change, and maintain the lighting without interruption.The power-off data can be protected. When the system is out of power, the parameter setting won’t not be lost, and the clock can still be at normal accurate operation.

As we’ve known what to do to make a lamp controller work,we’d better know its application. It’s applicable to all types of lighting system of inductive rectifier such as incandescent lamp, sodium lamp, mercury lamp, halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps (fluorescent) etc.then where it’s better to be used:urban street lamp, highway, municipal lighting engineering, buildings, public places, large advertising lamp etc.

Although the lamp controller has played an important role in the past, it’s on the margins for the moment. Instead, LED Lighting Controllers such as Led Lighting Controller,LED Touch Controller,RE Remote Controller,IR Remote Controller,etc.,have been seen as a very bellwether technology. That’s maybe one reason why there are so many LED Controller Manufacturers in the market, the well-known Led Controller China.