How do I know when the LED driver in a fixture needs to be replaced?

- Jan 04, 2019-

There are primarily two types of components in an LED fixture: LED Drivers and LED Modules.

When fixtures are not functioning properly, one of these has typically failed. Determining which
component has failed can be difficult depending on the symptoms. There are, however, a few
troubleshooting  techniques  to  identify  whether  the  problem  lies  with  the  LED  driver  or  LED  

• If some LEDs on the module are lit while others are not, or if there is visible damage to the
module surface or LEDs, the cause of the fixture’s failure is most likely the LED module.

• If  the  fixture  is  flickering,  check  the  wiring  of  the  driver  to  the  module.  If  everything  is  
properly connected, the cause is likely a faulty driver.

• If all of the LEDs on the module are dim or not producing light, the cause is likely a faulty
driver but also check the following:

o If the system is connected to a dimming control, disconnect the dimming circuit from
the driver to verify that the problem is not in the lighting control programming.

o  Module  connectors  can  be  delicate.  Check  all  connections  to  make  sure  that  they  
are intact. Also, be sure that the wire conductors have not been severed within the insulation or by the fixture’s sheet metal