Grow your veggies even in cold weather with LEDs

- Nov 13, 2018-

With winter season knocking at the door, food growers tend to take a back seat due to less sunshine. But, not any longer! It is now possible to grow vegetables indoors in containers enriched by LED lights.

Most people opt for hydroponic approach to indoor gardening by buying a number of high-tech soil-free containers featuring full-spectrum grow lights attached, and some even design their own systems

Vegetables grow naturally and five times faster in the ideal climate created by LED lighting systems and water reservoirs, according to the experts. Further, since there is no dirt, LED system comes about as a clean way to grow your vegetables on benches or countertops.

Most of the small hydroponic growing kits come in a single package. Its contents include pre-seeded plant pods, nutrients, LED lights and a container. They are one-stop shopping. Simply add water and the food growing process gets started

LED grow lighting has emerged as popular and best-selling items in the market. They grow plants better and take less energy to run. Further, growers don’t have to change the lights often. The LED lights need to be changed once in 3-5 years rather than 3-5 months.

Nowadays, hydro kits are even designed to mix the LED light spectrum to fit growing conditions. This means that using daylight red LEDs for more fruit or flowers, white LEDs for fast growth and blue LEDs for larger yields.