Getting the Best LED Dimming Results by DALI Dimmable LED Driver

- Sep 20, 2018-

DALI dimmable led driver is becoming more and more popular in conventional lighting applications, such as in people’s homes and businesses. Some experts predict that by 2020 the LED market will be a $45 billion industry and account for 60% of the total lighting market.

What’s causing this huge boost of interest in LED driver? Well, there are several factors. First of all, by now the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 is totally in effect. This means many types of  led drivers are no longer being manufactured, since they don’t meet the government’s new energy efficiency standards. Naturally, this change in the market has caused consumers to seek out new types of led drivers. DALI dimmable led driver which can get the best LED dimming results is your best choice.

The good news is DALI dimmable led drivers are fully capable of complete, quality dimming when they are set up properly. Here’s what you need to know to make that possible.
How to Ensure Your LED Driver Dims Properly
To have trouble-free dimming, you need to be aware of the following things:

1. Not all LED drivers are dimmable.
You need to look carefully at the product’s packaging or specs to see if it is specifically labeled “dimmable.” Furthermore, not all LED drivers dim to the same level or darkness. DALI dimmable led driver is mainly used for adjusting brightness and color temperature.
2. Not all “dimmable” LED drivers work with every type of bulb.
Make sure the LED driver is compatible with the LED lighting product you are using. If you want to install the bulb to an existing incandescent led driver, then you’ll need an LED driver that’s specifically labeled as being suitable for “incandescent led drivers.”
For better results, you may want to consider replacing your current switch and upgrading to a modern, specially designed LED driver. Many manufacturers suggest the best switch for their LED drivers, which removes some of the guesswork when trying to choose the right combination. DALI dimmable led driver can work with every type of bulb.
Choosing the Right Products
To get the best LED dimming results, you have to pick coordinating products. However, because there are LED products for replacing virtually every type of lighting, things can get confusing. Here are some things to think about when making your decision:
1. How much dimming do you want?
The amount of dimness you want will likely vary depending on your application. For instance, when dimming something like a lobby, 20% minimum dimming might be acceptable. On the other hand, in a media room, you may need the light dimmed down to 0 or 1%. Define this expectation first, since it will narrow the number of drivers and controls to compare.
Also, it’s the DALI dimmable LED driver that ultimately determines the possible dimming range while the control is responsible for delivering the performance of the dimming. You’ll have the greatest outcome by ensuring both these items are well-built and compatible.
2. Is the LED driver for a retrofit or new construction?
Some products are designed exclusively for new installation while others are specially designed to work with traditional fixtures. Concentrate your search on those suitable for your application and, above all, only choose LED coordinating drivers and switches. DALI dimmable driver is your good choice.
3. How much load do you need for one LED driver?
Overloading and even under loading a LED driver can lead to poor performance. Thus, it’s important to install bulbs that meet the suggested load (volts, amps, or watts) for the LED driver. Keep in mind, LEDs draw more current on startup, so make sure the DALI dimmable LED driver can handle the surge. Overlooking this can damage the dimmer or shorten its lifetime.
4. What type of control do you prefer or need?
There are a variety of dimming methods currently being used, and the type you select will vary depending on your personal preferences and the lighting setup you are working with.