Future Farm provides LED Canada update

- Oct 08, 2018-

Future Farm Technologies Inc. announced that its LED Canada division has made significant progress in the past quarter. LED Sales of the Scorpion X9 and the Scorpion X5 cannabis grow lights are up 85% in the past month.

While LED Canada has signed up with a new, large distributor to distribute their Scorpion Grow Lights,
LED Canada has won a large contract to outfit LED lighting for one of the largest forest companies. LED Canada will be working with this company to provide LED lighting at all of their facilities.

LED Canada is currently in the process of bidding on two large, new contract facilities in Canada.
Puget Sound Power is in the final stages of signing off on LED Canada Scorpion X9 and Scorpion X5 cannabis grow lights for its rebate program, paving the way for all growers to apply through LED Canada for large rebates. As previously announced, one grower was already approved for this program.

LED Canada lights have been tested and accepted as the light of choice for the LEDs for Mobile, AL and Fitchburg, MA, both Future Farm vertical farms. Each vertical farm would require 9,000 8-ft LED lamps, which would represent a multimillion-dollar purchase order for each project.

Future Farm Technologies Inc. is a Canadian company with projects throughout North America including California, Florida and Maryland. The Company’s business model includes developing and acquiring technologies that will position it as a leader in the evolution of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) for the global production of various types of plants, with a focus on cannabis. Future Farm provides scalable, indoor CEA systems that utilize minimal land, water and energy regardless of climate, location or time of year and are customized to grow an abundance of crops close to consumers, therefore minimizing food miles and its impact to the environment.