Experience Mangosteen Typhoon for 24 hours

- Sep 17, 2018-

On September 16, 2018, in Hong Kong, the typhoon "Mangosteen" was continuing to move steadily toward the western coast of Guangdong, further approaching Hong Kong and bringing storms. The Hong Kong Observatory upgraded the tropical cyclone warning signal three times in the early hours of the 16th, and issued the highest level of hurricane signal No. 10 at 9:40 am.

Road closed, outaged and suspended

On the morning of the 16th, the “Mangosteen” that continued to advance to the northwest shrouded the cities of Guangdong, Shenzhen, Shanwei, Yangjiang and Jiangmen into its sphere of influence. The Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department and the Provincial Department of Transportation issued an announcement. The 18 highways in the province were closed at 12 noon yesterday.


At 9:10, the station entrance of Guangzhou Railway Station began to close. The staff wearing white uniforms came out of the station to get off work. On the big sign, except for the K356 train that was driven ten minutes later, all the others showed "for some reason." Out of service." The crowd poured into the ticket office, refunded and changed.



At noon on September 16th, near Shenzhen, Dongmen Pedestrian Street, the street was empty, the wind was strong, the trash can placed on the side of the road was blown out for dozens of meters, and the billboards hanging on the street lamps were continuously blown away. The scene of the surveillance of the top of the Dabaihui building near Yantian Port on the coast of Shenzhen shows that the seawater continues to rush to the surface of the port terminal with the wind.


In Guangzhou, the southernmost part of Nansha District is the earliest area affected by mangosteen. The Nansha Stadium, which covers an area of 17,531 square meters, has also become a temporary shelter for more than a thousand migrant workers.


Typhoon crossing

Big tree collapses and blocks the sidewalk


Anyway,Typhoon is ass,a new day coming,wish everyone have a pleasant week.