Efficient Lighting Energy Saving Means in City: Led Street Lighting

- Sep 12, 2018-

When the city forms at the beginning, street lighting as one of living facilities is adopted. Street lighting is considered to be an important way of increasing road safety at night. When people walk out or drive at night, people can feel more secure because crime is deterred because of the street lighting. Street lighting also improves the life quality of residents. Conventional high pressure sodium lights, the traditional metal halide lights, led street lights and other kinds of lights are used as main street lighting tools. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, more and more people are concerned about energy saving of street lights because street lights in the whole city consume a huge amount of electricity a day. (LED lighting controllers )

New roads are built because of the expanding of the city, and therefore, more and more street lights are employed. The led street lights are considered to be the most efficient energy saving lights for the city. Let's make a comparison between the led street lights and other street lights to know why led street lights are popular. The conventional high pressure sodium lights are gas discharged lamps that produce light through the excited state of sodium. The high pressure sodium lights have high light output but will produce more heat which will influence the climate of the region. The traditional metal halide lights are electric lamps that produce light by the electric arc through the mixture of vaporized metal halides and mercury. The metal halide lights can provide excellent visibility, but they are really expensive to be used as street lights.

The led street lighting that uses led street lights is the best choice for the energy saving plant of street lighting in a city. The led street lights are highly energy efficient and can provide light that is bright enough for street lighting. The led street lights have the advantages of long lifespan, less carbon emission, power consumption reduction, bright lighting, etc. The led street lighting only consumes 1/6 energy that the metal halide light does during the same period of time.


The led street lights are also designed to be in different colors and can greatly improve the ambience of areas without consuming too much energy. The led street lights are considered as the most environmental protective lights for street lighting because of less carbon and heat emission. All in all, the most efficient lighting energy saving means in a city should be led street lighting.