Dose DALI Dimmable LED Driver Have a Chance to Enter Singaporean Market?

- Sep 20, 2018-

It is learnt that Singapore will replace 4000 units LED street lights gradually. The government expected to finish the replacement in the second quarter of 2018. The street light replacements mainly in low traffic and residential streets, those street lamps are low power (between 70-150 watts). The project will replace the high-pressure sodium vapor lamps by LED lamps which can save more 30% energy. Dose DALI dimmable LED driver have a chance to enter into Singapore market? Chinese DALI dimmable LED driver manufacturers always stare at the overseas LED lighting markets.

streetlight-pixababy.jpgPrior to this lighting replacement project, the transport sector has conducted a three-year test in Singapore Northumberland road and Tekka roadway, totally tested 17 LED lights. Singapore Land Transport Authority is now trying to use high wattage LED streetlights (250 watts or more) in main roads and highways actively. On August 2015, the Land Transport Authority had been testing the energy efficiency, longevity and stability of high wattage LED lamp, it expected to be completed this test in 2016. With the popularization of le LED lights in Singapore, DALI dimmable LED driver is expected to enter the Singaporean market.

As an accessory of LED lighting, DALI dimmable LED driver is the start product. Nowadays more and more customers accept DALI dimmable LED driver. The technology of DALI dimmable LED driver is mature in China. It is believed that DALI dimmable LED driver will enter more and more countries.