DMX512 Controller

- Aug 28, 2018-

With the development of society, our life can’t do anything without lighting. When night falls, people can see the roadside advertising boards clearly with lighting. The exhibits and stages also need light. What does make the lighting more beautiful and colorful? This article’s main character is DMX512 controller.

When you heard the great name of DMX512 controller, you maybe think what it is and what can it do. It is not easy for you to see them in the public place. Maybe you think that only in professional occasion or in the place be full of mechanical equipments you can see them.

What is DMX512 controller? DMX512 controller is an integrated control system which can output the standard DMX512 control signal and connect multi channels DMX lighting and cooperate with LED DMX driving unit.

Where does DMX512 controller appear? To be a lighting controller, it usually applies to the large outdoor LED decoration. It is very easy for DMX512 controller to control the different lighting colors, brightness, the range of shinning and realize colorful lighting effects. The application of DMX control system is very comprehensive. It also can use in the indoor room, such as in studios, indoor theaters, halls, etc.