Diwali LED lights from major brands

- Nov 07, 2018-

Does your home need a makeover this Diwali? Come Diwali, the markets are flooded with low quality and low cost imported LED lights. But if you are quality conscious, then you should explore some of the branded LED lights to decorate your home this Diwali.

Philips LED lights

By simple addition of Philips LED lighting, you can be inspired with new ideas to makeover your home. Colour your world with Philips Candles Mickey & Minnie. Made for kids in safe durable plastic, it’s easy to turn on the magic with the tilt of your hand. It brings soft LED candle light effect to your kids room, and can be easily charged via USB cable. Once charged, the LED candle can light up for up to 10 hours. Philips Philips Candles Mickey & Minnie come in seven models.

Philips LightStrips Extend add a colourful dimension to your interior. Use them to highlight furniture, architectural features or wall-spaces. The extension possibilities?up to 5m?only make it easier to create the perfect light. You can choose from 16 colours including white. All the different colours blend naturally into your interior, thanks to the diffused light effect with an output of 125 lumen/metre. The remote control offers four different settings to automatically change the colours of the LightStrips. You can also adjust the brightness by using the remote control.

Diwali LED lights from major brandsIf your LightStrips do not exactly fit the required application, you can easily cut them to size. Cutting marks on the product indicate where to cut. The LightStrips are very easy to install and guarantee immediate fun with the plug and play principle. Everything you need is already included in the box and explained in the quick start guide. It is also easy to mount with adhesive tape, you can paste the LightStrips wherever you like. The LightStrips Extend are connectable to mains power and wall switches in order to make more professional and embedded installation possible. And the easy-to-use remote control includes on/off, colour selection, dimming and colour loop buttons. The LightStrips are safe to touch and use without the risk of open electricity. It is protected with silicon layer against dust and moisture.

GE LED lights

You can enhance your architectural designs with GE?s Tetra Contour lumination. Tetra Contour was designed to replace exposed neon in a variety of applications. This system is comprised of a flexible LED light engine and a rigid, optically diffuse extruded-plastic light guide that can be heated and formed to fit a wide variety of designs and applications. Installation is quick and easy using low profile mounting clips. This system provides a bright, uniform appearance, seamless illumination and a wide 330° view angle to give the classic appearance of neon.

Diwali LED lights from major brandsYou can create bold designs and attractive accent lighting without the typical worries of working with fragile neon glass. It consists of classic neon appearance with LED benefits, which are flexible durable and robust. It has a full range of colours including red, red-orange, amber, green, blue, white 6500K, 3200K, yellow, lime-green, green, blue and white. The flexible light engine can be cut to length.

It is a low voltage 24VDC system?up to 40% more energy efficient than traditional neon, and has a life of 50,000 hours?that’s more than five years of continuous 24/7 use. This durable LED system is resistant to impact and vibration, eliminating breakage that can be associated with glass tubes. The robust system also protects against damage from impact, stress and weather.